Here are a few pictures of the aftermath of the flash flood that ripped through the South Llano RV Park.  As of 10/13/2018 there were two fatalities with two persons missing.

Cedar Creek (bottom left) flows into the South Llano River (top left) under Lover's Leap (the cliff on the right).

Cedar Creek out of its banks at the golf coarse

Picture from - girl watches as water swamps the Flat Rock bridge area

Flat Rock bridge showing where the pull-off road was washed away

RV on the north side of the S. Llano bridge

At the RV park

At the RV park - two maybe three ruined trailers stacked on top of each other

At the RV park - A big class A rig lies on its side under the bridge.

Flooding Again Tuesday October 16, 2018

Cedar Creek

South Llano River at the Junction City Park

Soth Llano River at Junction City Park